ATTENTION: Both strap types provide the same amount of protection, but if you want your mask to be more snugged on your face it will be best to select the "Behind the head" option when selecting your straps. The straps that go around the ears are adjustable, therefore you can adjust the straps for a more comfortable fit. Also, please keep in mind that the mannequin head is smaller than the average human head, therefore the mask will fit your face from nose to chin versus nose to neck.


Product DetailsOutside:

  • Black cotton fabricated mask with acrylic rhinestones glued and sewed in along with 100% cotton linen fabric on the opposite side.
  • Inside: fusible knit interfacing on both the 100% black cotton linen and the metallic pink fabric.
  • Metal nose wire on the bridge of the mask.
  • Black adjustable straps around the ears and/or non adjustable straps around the head.

Brown/Black Rhinestone Mask